We can find many inventions that make our lives much easier everywhere around us. This category includes, for example, cars or other industrial equipment, which makes life much easier for us. Industrial technologies are constantly advancing and offer us new and new solutions. The basis of mechanization and automation consists of electric motors, which can be divided into several categories. Among the electric motors we can find high power electric motors or a single-phase induction motor.

Where do we most often encounter electric motors?

Why are high power electric motors so important?

High power electric motors
for mechanisms

As already mentioned, electric motors are used in many areas of industry. They are not just a reservation for industrial production. They are also used in households, often times without even knowing about them. In addition, we also meet them in vehicles that work thanks to electric motors. We can meet them in trolleybuses, trams, cars or electric locomotives, but  hybrid propulsion is also expanding. Compared to petrol or diesel engines electric motors do not harm our environment. 

Electric motors are also used in mechanization

Electric motors are most often encountered by those who work in manufacturing factories. And those who work there often do not even realize how many electric motors must work in this space at once in order to get the output! Electric motors can cover a wide range of activities and without them the functioning of the industry as such would be severely limited. However, in order for an electric motor to fulfill its purpose, it must have certain specific characteristics, on the basis of which electric motors can be divided into several categories. We can find electric motor with a gearbox for the grinder, derivative or induction electric motors, synchronous, commutation, three-phase motors or universal motors or many others. The main purpose of using electromotors is conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. If we require a certain power from the electric motor, it should be of good quality in the first place. Are you interested in high power electric motors or would you like to get to know more about different type of electro motor? Please check the website https://vyboelectric.com/ where you can find more information and the wide offer of electro motors as well!